Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rev. P. V. Eapen Promoted to Glory

Rev. P. V EAPEN, an ordained minister of St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India, fulfilled his earthly ministry and was promoted to Glory early on the early morning hours of 25th July 2016. He was was under treatment at the Believer's Church Medical College Hospital, Tiruvalla, after a road accident in October last year. 

He was a plain simple man who was not ashamed of the gospel. I had met him first as early as in the 1979 or so while he was sharing gospel tracts through the Palace road of Nilambur. Since then we had met several times, traveled and shared ministry together. 

I am inserting excerpts from his sons, Sam and Stanley below:- Ed.

Sam Eapen's photo.
"Dear Ones,
Just sharing with you what my brother Stanley Eapen has shared in his fb timeline about my pappa's (Rev. P V Eapen, 64 years) departure,..Thankful to all of you who supported our family in all different ways esp from October 27th of 2015 ever since he met with a road accident. On 23rd Saturday eveninng, he was shited to hospital due to the health issues and things were out of control by last night....
He has loved us so much, cared for us, lived by example in life style, shared all that he can. Truly he was a loving father an ordinary man, made us to grow in HIS steps. Not only we, but his 5 grand children too will miss him so much....Thank you St Thomas Evangelical Church of India leadership and church, all the 30 churches where he was the vicar and for all the support you extended, thanks to Ananthapuri hosptial where he was admitted for 32 days, and Believers Church Medical College Hospital Thiruvalla for the treatments, His memories will remind me to be a good father for my children. His legacy will continue. Our Hope is not in the perishing world. Uphold us in your prayer too. 

Further arrangements has made in the following way". 

- Sam Eapen

"My Papa, Rev. P. V EAPEN fulfilled his earthly ministry and went to be with the Lord this morning (25th July) at 2.35 while he was under treatment in Believer's Church Medical College Hospital, Tiruvalla. A short service will be held at St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India Manjadi central chapel at 2 pm on 26th and there after the funeral will be held at St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India, Pullencherry Bethel Parish(Nilambur centre) on 27th Wednesday at 3 pm. I thank all of you who upheld him in your prayers".
- Stanley Eapen 
Original Post on 27 October 2015 .......
Rev.P.V. Eapen from Nilambur, a minister of St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India (STECI), is hospitalized at Trivandrum after a serious road accident. The condition seems to be critical with multiple injuries and bleeding. Please pray earnestly for his recovery.

We are told that he was traveling from Enathu (near Adoor) to Mavelikkara on his two wheeler when some vehicle had knocked him off.
Rev. Eapen has been serving in Thrikkanamangal, Kottarakkara. He was also in Shoranur and served at Pazhanji sometime. Hearing from his son Sam, about my father's demise from a facebook post, he had travelled and led a team from Kottarakkara to Nilambur to attend the funeral.
Achen worked in OM team in the 70s and I met him first in Nilambur on the Palace road during my college days. He was sharing gospel tracts then. Later he served as a missionary at the Malabar Bible Fellowship arond Nilambur. In 1995 when MBF parishes 'joined' STECI, the Church ordained him as a minister.
A humble sevant of God, deeply committed to Christian witness, Church planting, and not ashamed of the gospel and its presentation.
I had several opportunities to share ministry together with him; once in 1985 we traveled for a round trip from Nilambur to Kannur as a team in literature and open air ministry; and later, worked together for an year during 1994-95 when I moved from Nagpur to Nilambur for a short period. 

He is on ventilator support at Ananthapuri hosptial, tvm. His wife, Mrs. Marykutty, and their son Sam are at the hospital. Sam's younger brother Stanly is currently at Doha.
Please pray for his deliverance, recovery and mercy of God to the family.

Sam can be contacted at 09446441709